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Our Classes
Full Circle Fitness-NY offers a variety of classes and times to fit your busy schedule.
Our Certified Trainers will work with you to ensure your success in the class. Although we want to challenge you we always put the premium on safety. 

We offer alternative exercises or modifications to those who need them and work with you to ensure a safe, fun and healthy experience.
Fit Camp:
Seeking a challenging workout where you’ll experience a variety of workouts that will strengthen and tone your entire body? FIT-Camp is for you! Our certified trainers offer a program that is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of workouts. Workouts are designed for all levels of fitness. 

The workouts include exercises from a variety of genres including: Track & Field, Weightlifting, Cardio & Aerobics, Boxing/Kickboxing and many more. We also incorporate Games and Challenges to make it fun! The classes are 50-55 minutes in length and will be both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).
Have you been desperately wanting (or needing) to jump-start your health and fitness journey for a while, but been too nervous to join anywhere? Or Anxious about what others might think of you at a commercial gym? Perhaps you're worried about having to keep up with the other people at a regular boot camp?

We have the perfect solution for you! FCFNY has created the Capitol District's first dedicated BEGINNER BOOTCAMP! This program is specially tailored to to those whose fitness level is a bit lower than where they want to be.

At this camp you’ll have no fear of embarrassment, as everyone else will be in the same situation as you. First Time Bootcampers. This camp is run by Certified and Experienced trainers and is ONLY open for beginners and those who have felt powerless to change until now.
Fit Express:
This class is designed for those that are pressed for time. The workouts are very similar to our Fit Camp workouts but shorter and ideal for those with a busy schedule that want to get a fast effective workout!
This class is designed to introduce you to the practice of Yoga which we think you will love and will change your life forever. Yoga has many wonderful benefits including:
  • Improving flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthen, toning and building of muscles 
  • Corrects posture
  • Strengthens the spine
  • Eases back pain
  • Improvement of other muscular or skeletal issues such as bad knees, tight neck and shoulders
  • Improves stamina, balance
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Decreases stress, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Relaxes the mind, and improves mental acuity
Belly Dancing:
Belly Dance is a beautiful art form designed to celebrate women from all walks of life! We explore fun, new movements in combination with middle eastern music. This is a fun dance to express individuality with no pressure to look or move a certain way. No dance experience necessary, just a desire to try something new!
What Should I Wear Or Bring?
Generally we recommend wearing comfortable clothing made of a wicking type fabric. This will help absorb the sweat and you WILL sweat! Also recommended are shorts, spandex or sweat pants with an elastic band. Not recommended are shorts or other pants that have zippers or buttons. Shoes: It is recommended to wear athletic shoes with padding. Be prepared to workout both indoors and outside. For the ladies a fitted sports bra is highly recommended. Also bring a Towel (again because you WILL sweat) and water. Also bring a CAN DO IT attitude!
What kind of results should I expect in the first month?
Everyone is different so no 2 people will have the same results but for those who give it their all they can expect: 
  • Up to 10lb weight loss
  • 1-5% reductions in body fat
  • Decreased mid-section, toned legs and butt
  • Improved Strength, Endurance and SELF CONFIDENCE
"Awesome classes and time really flies by. I hate exercise and not eating whatever I want but now I'm getting fit and trying to watch that I eat healthy. I have been overweight my whole life and ITS nice to finally find I'm enjoying the exercises."

Dawn V., Albany, NY
"Dan & Laurie have changed lives, including mine. HIGHLY recommended."

Linda M., Ballston Spa, NY

Before I found FCFNY, I had been wanting to find an exercise class or gym where I felt comfortable. I put it off for a long time because I just didn't think I could find a place that would work for me. I was self-conscious of my weight and skill level. I started at FCFNY and knew right away this is the place I had been looking for. The trainers are excellent! They modify when needed, push when they know you can do more and genuinely care for each client. It is a very friendly environment that has provided the motivation and challenge I needed to begin my journey of becoming more fit and healthy.

Heather C., Voorheesville, NY
"Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul = Healthy Life!"
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