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Beginners Fitness Program
Isn't it Time For A New Beginning?
  •  Are You Tired of Being... Well Tired? 
  •  Frustrated with How Your Clothes Fit and Not Sure What to Do About It?
  • Looking for Guidance, Support and Accountability? 
  • Tried Working Out On Your Own & Didn't Get Any Results So You Gave Up?
  •  Maybe you attempted one of those online workout programs only to end up so sore you couldn't move for days afterward, or worse got injured 
  •  Tired of being a "Number" at your local gym or sick of doing the same workouts over and over? 
  •  Want to be part of an extended family who supports and helps each other? 
  •   Ready to Feel Happier, More Energized and to Enjoy Life?
If You Answered YES to Any Or All of These Questions Then We've Got the PERFECT Opportunity For You!
We Get It Because We've Been There Too! 
That's Why We Created Our Exclusive 
Fitness Program!
A Custom Designed Program Only for Those Looking 
Getting Started On Their Fitness Journey.
We'll Work With You & Help You to Overcome Your Fears, Get Past Your Excuses and Take Action Towards a Fitter, Happier, Healthier YOU!
Best of All This Program is Tailored for BEGINNERS JUST LIKE YOU!
Full Circle Fitness's 
 Beginners Fitness Program 
  • You don't have to worry about feeling out of place or being "Thrown In" with super fit people wondering if you'll be able to keep up.  This program is STRICTLY limited to those just getting started on their fitness journey! 
  •  In this program we begin by taking the time to teach you the basics of exercise so that you learn which exercises will help you get the Best Results, as well as how to do each exercise correctly keeping you safe and reducing your risk of injury
  •  You'll have no fear of embarrassment because everyone in the sessions will be just like you.... Those Seeking a New Beginning! 
  •  Class size is limited to ensure that you get the individual attention and support you need to get maximum results from each workout 
September, 2016
October, 2018
Meet Mo!
Mo joined FCFNY In September 2016, along with her husband Steve. A regular in our evening sessions, Mo lost 70lbs with us in just a  few short months but more importantly she's KEPT IT OFF for almost 2 years now! 
Next Session Starts 
June 18, 2019
*Orientation is Saturday June 15th @ 9:15 am
(it is not required to attend orientation but highly recommended)
Limited to the first 10 people who take action by clicking the button below. 
Meet Nancy Faccone Who Started The New Beginning's Program in July 2016
and continues to be a member of our Fitness Family!
Friends we get it and we know that we've all got our reasons for falling off with our health and letting things get in the way.

Life takes over, and one day we realize that we aren't going to live forever...... 
even less so if we don't look after ourselves.

Ignore your health for long enough and suddenly you are staring down the barrel of some serious health concerns.

Maybe it's just that you've seen others getting in shape and always wanted to the same, yet never had the right environment or didn't know how?

In any case, enough is enough! It's time to take back control of your health and get your fitness back on track!

With the program and guidance from our experienced, certified coaches, you will learn how losing weight and being healthy doesn't have to be complicated. OR mean that you have to give up the foods you love. Heck you might even find like so many of those who have gone through the program before that you actually LIKE LOVE to workout!

No "magical" pills, potions or formulas, either.  
Eating salads or shakes every meal and starving yourself doesn't have to be the way.

We'll show you how you can keep eating the foods that you love AND reach your weight loss and fitness goals...... 
It's all about balance.
You can't keep going the way you have been and will have to make some changes, but we realize eating plans that are too restrictive don't work in the long run.
If you are willing to give it a real go and commit to letting us help you, then we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Here's What You Get...
  •   3 Small Group Training Sessions each week custom designed for those just getting started on their New Beginning ($149 Value)
  •   A 30 Minute Success Session With One of our Experienced Certified Personal Trainers Where We'll Work With You To Discuss Your Goals and Help Design a Program You Can Use to Achieve Maximum Results ($39 Value)
  •   A Proven Meal Plan Designed by a Registered Dietitian You Can Follow To Get You Started on the Right Path.  No Starvation Diets or "Magic Pills" This Meal Plan Has helped Hundreds of Folks Just Like You Learn How to Eat REAL FOODS in the RIGHT AMOUNTS and Get the Weight Off. Even better it easy to follow and in the end you'll actually end up SAVING MONEY on your grocery bill!  ($99 Value)
  •   Additional Nutritional Guidance & Coaching to Help Speed Up Your Results ($29 Value)
  •  Access to our Private Facebook group for Motivation, Support, Recipes and so much more! (Priceless!) 
That's Over a
$320 Value 

All For An Investment Of just  $119.95*
For the level of attention and service you will receive this is an incredible value!
Please Note: 
Due to the Design Of This Program and to Ensure That Each Individual Gets The Attention and Support They Need 

Space is Strictly Limited to a Maximum of 10 Individuals per Session

Once the spots are filled this offer will close out!  
Session Time:
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 AM
Tuesday & Thursday 5:15 PM 

*There is an open session for everyone Saturday's 9:15-10:00AM
Here's What Our Members Say About Us: 
Meet Bill Hennings!
Bill started his journey to Health & Happiness in January 2017.
In the past year he's lost over 70lbs and now is able to enjoy things like hiking and mountain climbing.

Watch the video to hear more about his story and how you too can achieve your dreams!
Robin Sacco started in May 2106. Since then she's lost over 40lbs and loved it so much she became a Certified Personal Trainer 
This journey has been revitalizing. I have proven that I can push beyond my self-imposed limits and exceed my expectations.
- Robin S
Claudia Started in August 2017
And Has Lost 33 lbs (and counting!)
I'm not good at writing this stuff. I just knew I needed to do something. The scale read 301. The highest I've ever weighed. I couldn't walk a city block without getting winded. My knees hurt all the time. I had to make a move. I chose FCFNY bootcamp.
I was terrified. I cried the first day. I wasn't able to do the exercises. Laurie and robin are excellent. They have shown me so much support. I modify the exercises and I move. I feel so empowered. I've lost weight. I've lost inches. I feel great. It was the best thing I ever did making that phone call. 
- Claudia C
Ellen started with FCFNY in Sept 2016. In addition to her success she's developed a love of exercising and lifting weights.
Recently she deadlifted 260lbs something she never thought she'd be capable of!
I just had a wellness screen done at work and I'm happy to report all my bloodwork was beautiful including my "borderline high" cholesterol from last year which dropped 50 points! I now fall in the "desirable" range! Thank you FCFNY!
-Ellen S
Stephanie started with FCFNY in the fall of 2016. In the past year she's undergone and AWESOME transformation and changed her life.
Not only did she lose 55lbs in her first 6 months but she's learned how to keep it off which is far FAR more important. 
I've never felt happier or healthier and joining FCFNY is the best thing i ever did!
Mo & Steve joined the FCFNY Fit-Fam in September 2016. In the time since then, they've lost over 80lbs together and changed their life! Proving that couples that workout together achieve greatness together!
When our youngest left for college we had to decide what to do about our “empty nest.” For the first time in 20 years we had time to ourselves and we knew that our lifestyle had become less than healthy surrounded by chicken nuggets, pizza and macaroni cheese for the past decade. And, our 25th anniversary was rapidly approaching, so we signed up for the FCFNY Back to School Challenge in September 2016.
It wasn’t easy, and if we were anywhere except FCFNY, I don’t think we would have made it to the end of the challenge let alone still be fully committed over 6 months later. Dan, Laurie and Tyler make it fun, even when it’s hard. They got to know us personally and offer just the right mix of butt kicking and positive reinforcement to keep us coming back for more. Our daughter even gets a membership and joins us when she’s home on breaks; she loves the team too!
We’ve lost about 75 lbs. together now. We feel great, our doctors are thrilled, we’re working on new wardrobes (bonus shopping!) , and can’t imagine ever going back to the way we used to do things.
-Mo & Steve S.
Since Joining the Beginner Bootcamp Program in the Fall of 2016 Tom has lost over 100lbs and is continuing on his journey to a healthier and happier life. Click the link below to find out more about Toms success
Our Guarantee:
If after 7 days you decide it's not for you, or you don't like the camp, you will be refunded with no questions asked. 
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