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"I joined Full Circle Fitness in January 2015. I was overweight, no energy and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. Laurie and Dan helped me to achieve my goals.. lost 50lbs and 3 dress sizes. I now sleep better, have more energy, and eat considerable better. 

The classes are small and every day is a different workout which keeps you from being bored. The classes are fun and what wonderful people I have met. I highly recommend Full Circle Fitness to help you start your weight loss journey."

Deidre H
"After struggling with a painful injury that really effected my physical and mental wellness for more than 3 years, I thought I was a point of no return. Dan and Laurie helped prove me wrong. I am back on my path to a healthy life. They make exercise fun and exciting and they challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. 

Recently, they organized a friendly group challenge (similar to the Biggest Loser Challenge) which has helped me lose close to 20 pounds (in 4 weeks). I am stronger, too!. I went from being able to 0 military pushups to 40 military pushups in a minute. Reaching out to Dan and Laurie was the best thing I could have done to getting back on the road to recovery."

Tom M
"These past 4 weeks have been uplifting. I've tried to lose weight "my way" for years. I cannot call Full Circle a gym it is my lifestyle now. The commitment, friendship, tools, gratification, and direction this place and people has given me is restorative. I thank the staff and clients for this positive journey."

Robin S
"While sitting on a couch I came across an ad online for beginners and thought that's me. However, only morning classes were available. I hate mornings and never thought I would look forward to waking up everyday looking forward to what new and exciting workout the trainers came up with. Everyday is a different workout and in 4 months I do not think there has been a repeat. lbs are down, inches have melted, strength is way up, endurance is high and nothing but smiles. The people are just like me and give it all they got, trainers are wonderful and funny and I have never felt better or empowered to succeed."

Lily H

"This past February I turned 60 years old. Long hours at a high stress job and many family responsibilities had led me to more than a few extra pounds, insomnia, and lack of energy. I knew I needed to do something.

So I gifted myself the Beginner Bootcamp at Full Circle Fitness NY. Laurie, the co-owner and trainer, assured me it was just what I needed to get back on track.

Fast forward seven months. Down 28 pounds and many inches....happily working out 4-5 times per week with a great and fun group of trainers and new friends....and lots of energy! I just went on a seven day white water rafting and hiking trip and was able to outpace even the younger participants. Thanks, FCFNY!"

Maria B
"Joining Full Circle Fitness NY was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I’ve lost about 35 pounds and am in better shape than I’ve been in many years. (At 71, I’m the senior citizen of the program.) 

The not-so-secret advantages of FCFNY are the trainers, Dan and Laurie. They passionately care about the well-being of each of us and continually urge us to safely stretch ourselves to our own limits. 

I also love the variety of workouts day-to-day and the challenges, for they keep exercising interesting and fun."

Margaret F
"Enthusiastic is how I feel about Full Circle Fitness. In just a few short months I am stronger, leaner and getting my muscle definition back. As my body gets stronger so does my positive attitude. Friends, support from everyone and phenomenal trainers is what we have at Full Circle." 

Lyn T
"It's been 1 month since I started working out with Laurie and Dan. Tonight I went for a run and for the first time my legs didn't feel tired during the first 1/2 mile . I know it's because of the awesome workouts at Full Circle Fitness. I can't wait to see how the next month will transform me!!"

Shelley M
"The team environment and variety of workouts has kept me motivated and helped me stick with my "return to exercise". I feel so much stronger and have noticed my energy level is way up!"

Kim M
"I really enjoy working out with Dan at Full Circle Fitness in Saratoga... What I love even more are the results that I have seen with my body during the last 6 weeks.... It's truly AMAZING!!!!! So bring it on."

Mary V
"I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined Full Circle Fitness. It is certainly not your typical boring gym! We do something new every day so you are never bored! The classes are fun and full of spunk! I am having a blast!! Even when the workout has completed, I want more."

Marlene W
"Jumping into the mix with fcfny helped me get out of a year full of depression, anxiety and low self esteem. I'm am now back on the wagon with a healthy outlook on life."

Alesha B
"Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul = Healthy Life!"
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